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20th July 2013

Visit of the Themepark Legoland.

14th July 2013

Visit of the Garden Exhibition in Sigmaringen and a short Trip to Überlingen at Lake Constance.

13th July 2013

Tour to Fogcave, to Castle Lichtenstein, to Castle Hohenzollern and to Friedrich´s Cave.

16th June 2013

Visiting the swabian Themepark Tripsdrill.

25th May 2013

Drift Challenge at Hockenheimring.

18th May 2013

Visiting the zoologic-botanic Zoo Wilhelma.

7th May 2013

Tour to Ritter Sport, Bad Urach and the Bear Cave.

23rd December 2012

Updated 193 new Japan Wallpaper.

24th November 2012

Visit of the TV Tower in Stuttgart and Lyra´s first Döner.

18th November 2012

The report for the alpine round flight is ready.

9th November 2012

Lyra is now registrered in Rutesheim. Now all we need is her visa from District Office.

8th November 2012

Lyra is finally in Germany. I picked up at Frankfurt Airport.

4th November 2012

Website revised. Errors in texts corrected. Important places linked with Google Maps. Videos adjusted and centered.

1st November 2012

Starting today, my site is monitored and analyzed by Google Analytics.

27th October 2012

First Wedding Day.

26th October 2012

My BluRay Collection is now online.

24th October 2012

Added a new Website "Japanese Wallpapers" to my Links.

18th September 2012

Since the news column threatened to overflow, I decided to make an archive. This is now active.

10th September 2012

Added the info box in my website. If you move the mouse over the links, the box will appear with information.

1st September 2012

Favicon's installed in the travelogues.(Only Firefox).

1st May 2012

Website redesigned. Headings increased in the reports. Videos embedded with a new code and resolution increased.

11th February 2012

WebShop closed.

4th January 2012

New category "Tours" opened.

5th November 2011

Trip Report Philippines 2011 is online.

27th October 2011

We are married now!

19th September 2011

The Guestbook is online now.

17th September 2011

Trip Report Philippines 2010 - 2011 is online.

27th August 2011

Lyra´s Youtube Channel added in Links Box.

31st May 2011

Trip Report Philippines 2009 is online.

22nd May 2011

Trip report Japan 2008 is online.

16th May 2011

Trip report Japan 2007 is online.

15th May 2011

Trip report Japan 2006 is online.

8th May 2011

The english translation is online. The Links to my other sites are set.

5th May 2011

Homepage is online. Links to the trip reports are not ready yet.

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