The Beginning


Hello, nice that you've found your way to my first trip report.

Lyra is now a few days in Germany and already they must be returned in a plane, but this time only for about 90 minutes, lasts for as long as the price offered by Condor flight over the Alps. I think the snowy Alps look particularly nice. Hopefully the windows to be thoroughly cleaned so that I can film and photograph something.


At Home

At 7:00 the alarm clock rang. We showered, got dressed and an hour later we were in the car to the airport. The highway was empty as far as possible, so that we had a pleasant ride. Approximately at 8:30 clock I parked at P0 and we went to the Terminal 3.


At Stuttgart Airport


When we met at Terminal 3, I had to find on the scoreboard, we had to return back to Terminal 2, there were already waiting some passengers, as well as TUIfly this Sunday also conducted an alpine flight. After check-in which there was the first small disappointment ... no free seat choice. We got the seats 20C & 20D assigned that separated us not only through the passage of the flier, but were still right on the wing. Double shitty.


The first big surprise was after boarding the ride to the plane. I assumed that it was just a normal A320-200 with yellow-white or blue-white livery. But to my delight we got a A320 with a retro look.


After boarding all passengers were greeted by a highly motivated crew and it was a video shown to the safety briefing. This video was different from all previous I knew, because it was pretty funny. Among other things, appeared in this film Michael Schumacher, Marily Monroe, Winnetou and Old Shatterhand, Charlie Chaplin and Neil Armstrong.

When I heard from a flight attendant that we could take a look into the cockpit, I did not hesitate a second and walked with my camera to the front.

And then it went off. It was possible to watch the start on the monitors by outdoor camera. After the start we went to Stuttgart first towards Lake Constance (german: Bodensee) and Friedrichshafen. Then we flew over the Swiss Alps, after the Austrian mountains and the Italian Dolomites. On the way back we passed then the Zugspitze, Germany´s biggest mountain. Throughout the flight, the passengers were lined with all kinds of information from the Captain. In particular, the aviation comprehended I found particularly interesting. The altitude ranged from 5000 (1524m) up to 10,000 feet (3048m). All in all, this Sunday trip was worthwhile. Rejoice now and watch these amazing Pictures of the Alps and the following small video clip.

The Zugspitze