Stuttgart TV Tower


Because the weather was so nice today, we decided spontaneously, to do a little trip. I suggested Lyra to go to the Top of the TV Tower and she agreed.

So we went from Rutesheim directly to the TV Tower. Days earlier Lyra had seen in Stuttgart the tower from a distance, but it looks close more imposing.



Prices have well dressed up. 5 - € per person is pretty heavy, but compared to the Berlin TV Tower, still the half.

At the top, we went straight to the second platform and made the first photos.


Stuttgart overview


The Central Station


The new Castle (1746 - 1807)


The old Castle (1553 - 1578)


The City Hall


The Mercedes-Benz Arena


Here you can see the radio tower in the background and the telecommunications tower in the foreground.

The Gazi Stadium from the Stuttgarter Kickers directly at the TV tower.


This is the Waldschule Degerloch (a private high school)(left) on which I was a few years and the Figure Skating Hall Waldau (right).


The Stuttgart Citytrain


Marcus Church in Stuttgart-South


Leonhardt Church in Stuttgart- Center


Elisabeth Church in Stuttgart-West




Karlshöhe in Stuttgart-West


The Planetarium in Stuttgart-Center


Lyra like the view, but it is a little too cold.



Back in Stuttgart

After this little excursion Lyra wanted to go a little walk to Stuttgart. We parked just outside near the Feuersee Church and walked into the city center. On the way there, I showed her the S-Train and the tram. Since she must make her integration course in Stuttgart, she should be familiar with the public transport.

Lyra was hungry and I bought her a kebab. Lyra was a bit surprised about the size.

Then we walked the Königstrasse (the Shopping Street in Stuttgart) up and down and looked in some shops. Then we drove back home.