Twenty-five Million

Saturday, 20.07.2013

The summer of 2013 continues and shows itself from its best side. With daytime temperatures of over 30 ° C it holds really no one left at home. So we also took this weekend to do something outside. For this Saturday Legoland in Günzburg, near Ulm was on the program. Anyone who thinks that this amusement park is only for children, is wrong. Here is really something to watch for everyone. And for the thrifty one more tip: With the online ticket you save € 10 compared to the ticket that you get at checkout. The quickly pays for itself in a family of 4. Also, might as well order a ticket for 6 € and how to print the admission ticket immediately. I was amazed that you also have to pay for parking, but that was only the first negative surprise.


Welcome at Legoland

The arrival was a bit nerve-wracking because we were in the wave travel to the south. Who is staying in this direction on the A8 motorway, usually runs over Munich either to the airport or to Austria. The route Rutesheim - Günzburg, you simply put in normal traffic in a good hour. But we were only after three hours in the park. That was the reason we were stuck in a thick jam just before Ulm. So it was even worth it, temporarily turn off the engine. Then I had to get to the media market in Ulm to buy me a SD card for my new video camera (Canon Legria HF G30). But since the park had opened this Saturday anyway to 22:00 clock, which was actually secondary.

Back on the A8, it was then only a few minutes to the park. The parking guidance system is easy and understandable. At this point a small note. The parking lots are not numbered. Only the lane in which the car is, has a number..

This is located along the outer ring. Alternatively, you can use the Legoland app and simply save the GPS location of his car. We slept both and had a relatively long search at evening for our car.

So then we went towards the park. You come to a great place where you can make the first pictures.

With our printed online ticket we did not have to wait in the queue pending and could run directly by the rotational barrier. Who has online ticket, does not get a printed park plan, but also ensure one has the app.

Since it was already after 12:00 clock, we were hungry. Just after the entrance we turned left into the first restaurant. There we ordered some for us. Lyra took a half chicken and a big salad and I two slices of roast pork with sauce (weird, nowhere to be seen spaetzle) and a big salad. Then two large Pepsi. Blingbling ... € 35 at checkout.

Holla, is this here expensive. And that's really true. A family of four needs about 50 € to reasonably decent to have something in the stomach. Also here's a tip: Take many drinks with you on hot days. Prices at Legoland are outrageous. Whether in the restaurant or outside in the stalls. A pint of whatever (Pepsi, Mirinda, Sprite, or even water) cost uniformly € 3.10. The entrainment of prams or strollers is allowed, as can be loosely accommodate two boxes of soda. So...enough groused ..lets enjoy the park now.

The easiest way to get around the theme park is with a small Train tour. This is also at Legoland. The Legoland Express gives a first overview of what the park has to offer.

Here I used my video camera for the first time. So, enjoy the ride at Legoland Express.


After this tour, I could not wait to start with. It's obvious what I wanted to do. Of course, with the Hero Factory. To be on a huge industrial robot, flying through the air, is really unbelieveable.

When we went to the Hero Factory building the way was divided. You can choose between the overview platform or directly to the robots. Lyra wanted see first see what she will expect there. You should have let them hear, how she laughed when watching alone. Well, until the moment, when I said that I want to do that too. She hesitated, but as she drags me in pretty much every Rollercoaster, in which my guardian angel has really problems to follow me, she could do that for me. Here is the video evidence. :-)


I like best the part where Lyra says: "Enough ENOUGH!" (german: Genug!)

Then we went to the lookout tower. Waiting there in the blazing sun was a bit longer. Since the park could rectify with a canopy. The tower is 49 meters high and turns up twice arrived around its own axis. From the top you get a nice overview of the whole park.


Then we continued our way to the Miniland. How you could learn at Legoland Express, around 25 million Lego bricks were installed throughout the Miniland area. Quite a few. The Miniland is a popular photo spot. Here are a few highlights, the entire archive can be found as always in my Picasa album.

Castle Neuschwanstein

Munich Airport. A very big area with terminal hall, Tower, Gates, Start and Runway ...

and ... the hangar for the Airbus A380.

Frankfurt am Main, with the old city in the foreground and the financial district in the background.

Benvenuti a Venezia / Welcome to Venice

Here the beautiful Rialto Bridge.

The Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo

Next stop is Berlin. Here is the TV tower.

The red Cityhall.

The Museum island.

The Berlin Cathedral.

The Reichstag building.

The Berlin Zoo.

The Brandenburg gate... and last but not least...

... the Victory Column.

The next stop in Miniland is the Allianz Arena in Munich. Germany's Noah's ark.

A giant rubber dinghy, if global warming gets out of control.

Next we go to the far north. Here the port of Hamburg with the training ship Rickmer Rickmers.

The Museum Ship Cap San Diego

The paddle steamer Credle Queen

The journey continues to Lucerne in Switzerland. Here in the foreground you can see the beautiful Chapel Bridge.

Also in Amsterdam you should stop by.

Next, now follow reconstructed scenes from all six Star Wars movies . Do you recognize the places and related movie?

As in Miniland virtually nothing stands still as in an exhibition, I am once again gone through a bit with the video camera.


Please dont wonder. Your speakers are ok. I had to stop the sound with this video, because a band has been practicing for their appearance in the evening in the background. I found this to be very disturbing for the film.

Also in Miniland I have to give a little criticism. The whole park is now more after about 10 years needs a renovation. In Miniland there are a striking number of buildings in the cobwebs, here is long gone been hosed. In many places in the park scrolls at the bottom and the attractions from the color. When viewing the tower different plants are infected with a fungus. And Michael Schumacher's racing at the Lego test track could be pump up the tire again. This looks sad.

The only really positive aspect is the staff. A pretty young crew is friendly and motivated.

Then we went to Legoland Atlantis. Wait time at this time was about 30 minutes. At this point I would point out something: Legoland offers, as quite a few other parks, an Express Pass. At Legoland there is the pass in form of an electronic beeper that signals when you can enter the desired attraction with prior notice. The Express Pass is available in three variants.


But now back to Atlantis. As the name suggests, Atlantis has something to do with SeaLife. So it's not a ride attraction. You come in groups of about 50 people in a small cinema room. After closing the door, there is a safety instruction for parents and children (not knock on the window, do not use a flash, etc.) A submarine goes under water to the sunken city of Atlantis. After about three minute film opens another door and you enter a room with aquariums. From there, it then goes into several rooms. Also a short glass tunnel as we know it from SeaLife is not missing. After about 15 to 20 minutes you are outside again.




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