Sunday, 05.05.2013

Because the weather was so nice today, we decided spontaneously, to go out again. I wanted to surprise Lyra with the destinations and therefore gave her two pieces of evidence: Chocolate and hiking.

After a moment's thought, she said with a wide grin, "Ritter Sport". Right, that was our first target.

Here is the first section of the tour from Rutesheim Waldenbuch / Black Forest. About 36 km.

This is the museum building, designed and built by a Swiss architect. On the lower level rear left is a bistro with a beautiful outdoor terrace. Bottom right is the entrance to the chocolate shop and a level also to the museum.

The museum is quite spectacular, but still very informative. You learn on a tour all about the cocoa bean and how chocolate is made. Since you can do for reasons of hygiene at Ritter Sport have no factory tour, the museum has a small cinema room, where you can have a very detailed look at three synchronously switched Beamer making chocolate.

Then we went to the chocolate shop.

So much chocolate your heart desires.

Lyra documented everything for her Facebook friends ....

... but at one point she also could not resist them too.

Here you will find the so-called test chocolate. Presumably there are varieties that did not make it as a commodity in trade. The panels are decorated in neutral white and provided with a label that provides information on the name of the variety and ingredients.

This is the alcoholic corner.

Spending spree! Here the 2kg bag breaking chocolate costs 11.50 €

In the course also can be found in the shop still plenty of fan products such as Clothing, bags, towels, books, ...

...Footballs, backpacks and coffee mugs.



Bad Urach


Next checkpoint is from Waldenbuch to Bad Urach. About 34 km. In Bad Urach one should drive the Parking Place P23 (Front Maisental) immediately. From there you will then start your walk towards the waterfall.

A little Information: If in german a City or Town start its name with "Bad", that means this is a Place with a health resort, like an Onsen in Japan.

From the Parking we started our hiking along a small river in direction to the falls...



... until after a short time you see the waterfall in the forest. From there, the path goes slowly but steadily uphill.

When you reach the waterfall, it gets really steep. A path with many steps leads once surrounding the waterfall up to the beginning of the waterfall.

This is the view when you reach the top. Below, you can still see a lot of hiker. After a long break, we headed to the next stage. The ruined castle of Hohenurach. From the waterfall you walk past a hosted hut and follow the trail until it forks. Once there, choose the middle path of the three possibilities. From there it goes again really steep up for you after a felt like half an hour you see the Castle.

The ruins Hohenurach from the outside.

I recommend before you leave the car, take a windproof jacket. Even in good weather, it is cool and windy up there.

Bad Urach from top.

Chocolate Hills in Swabia.



Bear Cave Sonnenbühl

I admit, after this hike, we were really at the end. But I wanted to go through with it and Lyra did it bravely too. By now it was late afternoon. We ate a couple of red sausages at a nearby village festival and then we made ​​our way to Sonnenbühl. Another 32 km.

Once there we paid per 4.- € entrance fee and made ​​our way into the cave. In the cave is forbidden to photograph with flash, because there are bats living. However, in such a amount of public visit, what this cave have per day, I would be as a bat moved to an other cave. I have not seen one.

We had joined to a group that had just a leader on the go.


This is the lowest point of the cave.

Everyone had to bend down ... except Lyra.




















I hope the little report you liked it. Soon there will be more ... see you soon.