Right at the beginning...

...I have to say, even though this was my longest trip for 9 weeks, I've seen almost nothing. Why? May the Philippines also be favorable, it still costs money. Do you have to then calculate for two people, the budget goes very fast in down. My luck was that Lyra still had a running contract and we therefore took on the weekends something. During the week days I've driven my time with sleeping long, gamble and watch movies.


The Arriving

On 1.12.2010 my travel started. The good advice of a Filipino student still in my ear, I booked this time with Qatar Airlines. These fly from Frankfurt via the hub of Doha to Cebu.

On the way from Frankfurt to Doha, the Airbus A340-600 made, to my surprise a stopover in Riyadh. There, got out a few people and after half an hour it continue to Doha. Late at night I arrived in Doha. After a 2 hour wait I went on to the final stage to Cebu.

In the late afternoon of the next day, I arrived tired but happy in Cebu. Unusually, I got a "home" feeling when I saw a few minutes before landing Cebu City. But even more I was glad to see my little crazy again.

After passport control and accept taken my luggage I left the Mactan Airport. After a few seconds Lyra hopped already toward to me. She was accompanied by her eldest sister Shanarie.

By taxi, we went to Cebu City to the South Bus Terminal from there we continued to Naga. In Naga, now it was dark again, we took a tricycle to go to the apartment building Lyra has organized.

After I unpacked my bags and Shanarie tapped her gift, I could finally go to sleep.

Here is a short video about my arrival.


The House in Naga

Friday, 03.12.2010

As already mentioned Lyra had found a nice house in Naga and since I'm a bit picky when it comes to standard of living, which really was not easy for my sweet. Nevertheless, she did it. The next morning, so I started to look around first and made some photos.

This is the front side of the house (GPS: 10 ° 12'50 .66 "N / 123 ° 45'24 .84" E), the entrance is on the left rear. I find it interesting the wall on the left side which is not only equipped with four rows of barbed wire, but also with walled glass shards. Obviously, my neighbor does not want any uninvited guests. :-)

Entering the house, leads into a small vestibule, which is actually part of the kitchen. No idea why the owner has built this wood wall. Thus, no natural light comes into the kitchen and one is constantly dependent on a lamp.

Going through the wooden wall to get into the highly modern fitted kitchen with a gas-fired ceramic hob and a sink made ​​of the finest earthenware. Right, it goes to the bathroom ...

Here you are now in the bathroom which is also divided into two rooms. Very handy. The toilet is a bit small and the shower is more like a drizzle. But I was still happy.

From the kitchen it goes into the very spacious living room with a spacious working area, refrigerator and nice TV corner.

Here's the look at the enormously spacious bedroom also and even had air-conditioning which the night off and spit us on ice.




Naga Christmas Opening

Wednesday, 08.12.2010

On this day the City of Naga celebrated the start of the Christmas season. Traditionally, the evening will be made ​​with a few bands outside the town hall and then the Christmas market is opened. Here is a video.


Lyra and I were accompanied by two of her colleagues on the go. The girl´s name is Ranila and the guy called Rika.


Crocolandia in Talisay

Friday, 10.12.2010

Through my guide book, I learned from a zoo nearby and because Lyra had slept we decided to visit us the park. From Naga we went with a jeepney towards Cebu City to Talisay. From Talisay then we went with a Tricycle south to directly in front of the zoo (GPS: 10 ° 14'47 .37 "N / 123 ° 50'1 .98" E).


Bohol Sightseeing

Sunday, 12.12.2011

Also this year I wanted to do island hopping and visit the neighboring island of Bohol. Early in the morning so it went off again. Only with the jeepney from Naga way to Talisay. Then change and take a taxi to the port of Cebu City.

From there we went by boat to Tubigon on the island of Bohol. The journey takes about 2 hours. It's something incredible, as there are only about 38km. After the ship has docked, you will be expected of sightseeing drivers. The prices are fair and even if one is just the two of you can take a van instead of cars. Before the trip, the itinerary will be explained and then you go already. Payment is then in the evening when you're back at the pier.

This was the first checkpoint. Sagbayan Peak. This small park is a viewpoint on Bohol. In addition, there is also a beautiful butterfly enclosure here.

Then we went to Carmen. Carmen is located exactly in the center of Bohol and thus the heart of the Chocolate Hills National Park.

Then it was on to Seville. There are two huge suspension bridges that can be crossed for a small fee.


From Seville we went further south to Loboc. There you can see Tarsier, she are among the smallest primates and strongly reminiscent of the little gizmo or Monchichi's. Tarsier are nocturnal and therefore sleep during the day. Directly from the enclosure you can take a boat trip to the beautiful Busag waterfall.

The journey was to the southwest. There we went to the small island Panglao. There we went to the Hinagdanan cave.

The cave has a very narrow entrance. Inside it's like a sauna, I had expected it is rather cool.

Then we went back to the pier. A beautiful day on Bohol came to an end.

Here's the movie.



Dagitab Festival

Monday, 23.12.2010

Each year, the day before Christmas Eve will take place Dagitab Festival in Naga. The festival is primarily a dance competition between schools in the area. Here, a song by the City of Naga set to which each school must make costumes and rehearse an appropriate choreography. How long the schools have time for it, is beyond my knowledge, but because Filipinos always like to dance should have not lasted too long.

Before the evening goes on the show stage, all dance groups present in a large parade. This takes place on the big main road in Naga.





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