Foreword to the report

Sunday, 09.10.2011

This is the first of my reports, I do "live" writing, means directly after the events, I write it all down. Therefore, the temporary expression will change accordingly. The updates are then carried out, as far as it works out twice a week. So stay tuned for new photos and video clips.


The Arriving

Monday, 10.10.2011

Now it was time. The day of departure. I was glad I decided to go for an afternoon flight, so I was able to calmly yet this and do that. In the afternoon, point 14.00 clock I was picked up from airporttransfer24. At the airport arrived, I went straight to the check-in. My luggage was unfortunately 2kg too heavy, but the lady at the counter pressed one eye and left my luggage through. Now quickly the security check with the usual explosive checks on my equipment and I was through.

While I was waiting at the gate 109, I noticed that I was not asked for a seat at check-in at all, so I looked again at my boarding passes and suspected bad. Both courses were exactly on leaf height and not at the window. My personal meltdown.

However, once again I was in luck. The first aircraft, an Airbus A319, was only partially filled, so I had free choice of the seat. :-)

After I had made ??myself comfortable in my seat, I looked first to the entertainment system. What I noticed immediately, was this Airbus got an upgrade . First of all, there was a high-resolution wide-screen monitor. Then beneath the left an USB port, but the big hit was the use of mobile phones during the flight. It was possible to submit SMS and MMS. Of course I had to try it. :-) The mobile phone booked themselves at the service "OnAir", and the cost should not be more expensive than the usual cost to its own provider.



The House in Naga

Thursday, 13.10.2011

The house, which has found Lyra is not as good as the last one I had, but in the Philippines, one should not be picky and take what you get. My landlord is the same as the last time and with him and I get along very well. (GPS: 10 ° 12'49 .94 "N / 123 ° 45'30 .04" E)

The living room is very spacious and equipped with Air-conditioning and a fan.

The kitchen is quite narrow. The refrigerator and stove work. The faucet at the sink is loose and water is not always available. The toilet is behind the white door, but this sight I want to save you ... Keyword: mold. :-(

The bedroom is equipped with air conditioning and ceiling fan. Only a wardrobe is missing.

This is my rental car. A Toyota Innova. Since no normal car was available, I got this minivan. A diesel with plenty of power under the hood, but that makes no sense in Cebu, because you can only go at night quickly and accurately then it is very dangerous as the roads are poorly lit or not at all. Again and again, unlit vehicles are middle of the road or on the road and constantly cross the street children or dogs. Oh ... and not to forget, the way traffic moves constantly with high beam. :-( (

So makes driving fun.


News from Naga

Thursday, 13.10.2011

One of the richest entrepreneurs in the Visayas is Gaisano. That entrepreneur wanted the disused sports hall rent and plans to open another supermarket. Thus, the mayor agreed, but only under the condition when Gaisano paid a new stadium so in Naga again can take place sporting events. No sooner said than done. Business as usual.

A short walk along the waterfront.


The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the ring

Friday, 14.10.2011

Today, Lyra and I are driven to Cebu City to look for rings. To this end, we went to the SM Mall, where there are some jewelry shops. The prices of the rings in yellow and white gold are fairly broad. They range between 7500 Piso (128.- €) to 60000 Piso (1030.- €). The rings are actually very nice, but what they all have in common, they are extremely thin. Estimated half a millimeter, the rings are thin. No idea how strong and durable they are.

After Lyra could not really decide for any rings and even more so for Donuts, we are driven home again after about 3 hours. Lyra has subsequently contacted by anyone from their circle of acquaintances, in which we Rings for around 5000 Piso (85.- €) may have. Let's see how this is .....

Tomorrow would actually our wedding, we had to move but because Lyra is not confirmed, and no confirmation they should not marry. Pretty crazy that Filipinos ....



The Lord of the Rings - the Return of the King

Saturday, 15.10.2011

Today, after I did make a small repair to my rental car, we went with Lyra's cousin Giu back to Cebu City to seek rings. This time we wanted to directly to a jeweler and Elizabeth Mall (E-Mall). The jeweler was already closed when we arrived, so we went to the mall. There we found rings in a jewelry shop.

The selection is so large that it is not really easy to find the matching. But ultimately be Lyra could opt for a couple of nice one. Glad to have one less problem, we have returned to Naga.


Aroma Beach Resort

Sunday, 16.10.2011

Today was the return of the car, so we had to do everything as well as possible, which was still open. After lunch, we went first to Cebu City, I urgently should leave some hair cut on me. Then it was on to Tabunok where we obtain supplies us in a big supermarket for next time with drinks. Connecting I wanted to go to Aroma Beach resort where the wedding was to take place in San Fernando. I wanted to make myself a picture of what a location Lyra had found, because the only youtube video that can be found is not very promising.

After a short time somewhere between narrow streets we found the resort and my first thought was, how are we there to some extent without a car in our goodies arrive clean there? Lyra promised me later, after I had pissed me off about the resort, she takes care that everything goes well. She also dont like the resort not really, but you cant change now no more. So that's when you have to pay first before anything can take place. By then, I would have been skeptical, but here somehow makes everything different. I must take note of it only shaking my head.

Here are a few photos from the resort, which I did today ....

Throughout the entrance to the sea, the stones on the ground about are big like tennis balls.

On the left picture the cottage is where the actual ceremony will take place. Actually not bad when ...

... this would be the Toilet. Luckily, you can not smell photos. Buuuääääähhhhh!

On the whole, the resort is quite passable, but just all a bit too rough for my taste.

Following these photos (16:30 clock) we drove to the airport. For nearly 50km long route we had between Talisay and Cebu City to fight again by eternal traffic jams. The traffic collapses there every day, including Sundays. Shortly after 18:00 clock we arrived at the airport. I got back my advance payment, then we went by taxi and bus back to Naga.



Guangzu Beach Resort

Monday, 17.10.2011

My yesterday's complaint about the state of the resort was taken as an opportunity today to take another resort in San Fernando inspected. For this reason, her cousin Giuliano and her aunt Marilyn arrived in the afternoon for visit and went with us to another resort.

The first impression was quite good. Plenty of room, facing the sea and nice huts where you can retreat. Of course, stands or falls with me all the sanitary facilities, which I also had to check the same. The public toilet which is accessible to everyone, is not the charm, because seat and lid are missing and are believed to be missing in the future.

In the further course of the visit, however, the tide turned, as we looked at our "love nest". This was a small class cabin with everything you need. Bed, TV, and clean bathroom. :-)

The public sanitary area to the left and the right hosting guests.

Large open spaces and a guest catering for large groups.

The dance floor from two viewing directions.

The Love Nest

GPS: 10°10'43.99"N / 123°43'48.27"E


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